Many adults examine their pasts and recall the profound influence that a mentor has had on their lives during challenging times. Having one-on-one support from a caring professional can yield positive, life-changing outcomes.

Are you feeling challenged while paving a path to adulthood? Do you feel anxious and insecure in social settings? Do you feel challenged articulating what you want and taking action towards your goals? Many young people today feel overwhelmed with choices—it can be hard to weigh options and ultimately make informed decisions.

What is Mentoring? I offer a process of personal development and leadership to young adults facing various personal and social issues. It focuses on character building, emotional intelligence, raising aspirations, and long-term goal setting to support one's personal and professional success.



I can help you if you’re experiencing; 


  • Anxiety and self- sabotaging issues

  • Afraid of being yourself/ hiding, feeling unsafe

  • Lack of confidence and self-esteem

  • Feel haunted by some negative experiences of the past

  • Negative self-talk, questions your abilities and censoring yourself

  • Feel unclear about your direction and future goals 

  • Disconnected or/and overwhelmed by your feelings and emotions 

  • Having a hard time getting out there and taking actions towards your goals

I offer a method in which we’ll engage in a real, open, and compassionate conversation. We’ll explore who you are and what is limiting you in life. I call this process of self-understanding a path to personal leadership. Developing self-leadership is an essential virtue in learning to gain life skills, finding your inner compass, and gain the confidence to realize your full potential. 

I offer you a safe, non-judging space where you'll feel seen and heard. I will offer you tools, techniques, and practices to express your feelings and understand the reality of your life. My job is to empower and support you on the path to becoming an assertive and confident adult.

Changing the fear mindset, to problem-solving and new possibilities: 



  • Building capacity for positive social skills and interpersonal connections beyond the family.

  • Supporting you to interpret and manage life challenges, including relationships with peers and parents.

  • Facilitates meaningful conversations that boost cognitive skills and provides perspective.

  • Strengthening self-regulation, one’s ability to manage emotions and impulses, and self-care. 

  • Supporting identity development and self-discovery, helping you identify and recognize your strengths and qualities, like empathy, curiosity, resourcefulness, and resilience.

  • Changing your mindset, therefore improving your relationship with your environment, sense of possibilities, and opportunities.

  • Fostering self-efficacy, confidence, and personal leadership.