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 Developing Conscious Leadership 

Authentic Interactions . Powerful Actions


I coach individuals on power, presence, and personal growth. My services are designed to build new skills and competencies for self-development and leadership.


Understanding & Self-Awareness



Integral process where all three centers are integrated. Developing emotional intelligence, grounded body and mindfulness. 


Self- Actualization 

Utilizing and applying your talents, power and potential. This is a process of becoming your full self, experience your limitless capacity to be impactful, fulfilled and present in all areas of life. 

Identifying the barriers to your growth. Exploring ideas, beliefs, behaviors and reactions to your environment. Gaining awareness, perspective and tools to welcome  positive change.  

Meet Roxanna

Certified Integral Coach & Empowerment Expert

Roxanna is a Certified Integral Coach, with experience coaching teams and individuals. She is also a master NLP coach and her background in Narrative Coaching, Enneagram, Family Constellation, System Coaching, Polyvagal Theory, Hero’s Journey, Diamond Approach, and Mindfulness inform her in-depth and broad approach. Roxanna is fueled by her passion for understanding human development and growth.


Executive Leadership Coaching

I coach leaders to do the inner and outer work of leadership - building strong emotional intelligence and awareness for clear, authentic leadership and influence based on trust and competence.

Personal Development & Life Coaching

I will help you develop the capacity and skills to live your authentic life. I will support you to get to the heart of the matter. Stop being hijacked by emotions, doubt, and fear. Start accelerating in every area of life.

Coaching Young Adults

I will help you take charge of your life and build confidence to improve your personal and professional life. I'll support you through a process of self-understanding and positive change to help you navigate through challenging issues. 

I offer FREE 30-minute consultation by phone 

During this call, we will identify your priorities and what is most important to you and you'll experience what it's like to work together.


As a coach, I’m passionate about helping others and guiding them into a new phase of their lives. I work hard on developing a personal, open, and transparent relationship with my clients. Read below what other professionals say about my work. 

"Roxanna has a particular gift for drawing out the kind of wisdom and insight that people need in their lives. She is full of passion and curiosity about other people that has brought her remarkable empathy for the challenges we face. In addition, her presence, kindness support deep self-discovery free of the criticism and harshness that so many of us bring to our explorations. Roxanna is a joy to work with."

- Byron Brown, author of  Soul Without Shame

​ "To discover what is possible in this life, listen for your own deep knowing and follow it with care and courage. Roxanna knowns this way of wisdom and she shares it gracefully in her work. We are delighted to recommend her work as she helps to bring forth authentic, compassionate, creative contributors to the world we need now and for times ahead."

- Sherry Ruth Anderson and Paul Ray, author of The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Milion People are changing the world. 

​ "I can highly recommend Roxanna to anyone who is looking to make serious changes in their lives. Her wisdom, intelligence, and capacity to address issues with heartful mindfulness helps people find inner resources that nurture genuine transformation."

- Mark Coleman, Mindfulness Teacher and Author of From Suffering to Peace, Make Peace with your Mind & Awake in the Wild

"For better to come, good must stand aside" 
Carl Jung
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