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Are you feeling challenged while paving a path to adulthood? Do you feel anxious and insecure in social settings? Do you have trouble knowing what you want and taking action towards your goals? Often, young people, today feel overwhelmed with choices—it can be hard to weigh options and make informed decisions.

What I offer

I offer real, open, and compassionate conversation. We explore who you are and what is limiting you. This is a process of self-understanding and Personal leadership that will help you develop life skills, find your inner compass, and gain the confidence to reach for your full potential.

This is a safe, non-judging space where you'll feel seen and heard. I offer you tools, techniques, and exercises to express your feelings and understand the reality of your life. My job is to empower and support you as you become an assertive and confident individual.

What is coaching? I help young adults facing various personal and social issues by offering a process of self-development and leadership. I focus on character and identity building, emotional intelligence, raising aspirations, and long-term goal setting to support your personal and professional success.


I can help you if you’re experiencing:


  • Anxiety and self-sabotage

  • Fear of being yourself/hiding

  • Lack of confidence and self-esteem

  • Feeling haunted by past experiences 

  • Negative self-talk and questioning your abilities

  • Being unclear about your direction and future 

  • Struggling with your feelings and emotions 

  • Failure to launch


Working together we can change the mindset of fear and anxiety into confidence and excitement: 

  • Building capacity for positive social skills and interpersonal connections

  • Supporting you to interpret and manage life challenges, including relationships with peers and parents

  • Facilitating meaningful conversations that boost social skills and provide perspective

  • Strengthening self-regulation - your ability to manage emotions, impulses, and self-care

  • Helping you identify and recognize your strengths and qualities like empathy, resourcefulness, resilience…

  • Changing your mindset - Transforming your relationship with your environment and experience new possibilities in life

  • Fostering confidence and personal leadership