Meet Roxanna

Roxanna considers herself a ‘forever student,’ eager to build on her continuing love for psychology and sociology and stays in tune with the latest scientific discoveries in neuroscience and trauma through continued coursework. Her desire for knowledge and determination to turn wisdom into action has contributed to her success with her clients. She supports improving development by synthesizing perspectives, methods, and tools ensuring self-empowerment and enhancing the impact and work-life balance for her clients. Roxanna believes personal development and presence are the keys to fulfillment and success.  She lives in California with her husband and son and pursues her personal interests in meditation, reading, poetry, and fitness. Roxanna has also held positions as a statistic planning specialist as well as in communication consulting. She is always interested in a challenge. Reach out to to connect!.


Jay Trimble, Mission System Manager Viper Lunar Rover, NASA
"Initially, I went to see Roxy as a coach with the idea that she would help me sort through some alternative work scenarios. Well, I got a lot more than I bargained for with Roxy. Her impact went far beyond work. My concentration and focus improved, my ability to plan improved, I felt more settled. I don’t quite know how to describe what she does, but I can say that she is remarkable."
Nicola Tanion, Ph.D. Mythographer, Writer, Bridge-Builder
"Roxanna is an extremely gifted coach. She has an innate ability to really hear what is being said underneath the spoken word and use her skills to work with her clients, helping them to navigate, transform, and empower themselves. She guided me through removing blocks that were holding me back and helped me integrate underutilized talents. Roxanna saw what I was capable of before I could and masterfully guided, challenged, and encouraged me until I could see myself."
Elaine Belle, Alexander Technique
"Roxann has an amazing ability to track one’s process over time and continually provide space and support for one’s inner process. She has the ability to go as deep as is needed and be totally present with me, always willing to listen to my perception and change directions when I need to. She is one of the most perceptive, kindest, the smartest professionals I have ever know. (I have known many)"
Sandy Quinones, Mobile Solutions at Verizon Business Group
"I began working with Roxy to help me navigate a desire for a career change and to address challenges in my personal life. Through her thoughtful compassion, honesty, and excellent coaching, I have found the confidence I needed to make big life changes. Through her coaching, I was able to uncover what was holding me back from living a more fulfilling and enriched life. Not only is she a skilled coach, she really cares about you reaching your desired potential."
Kim Corona, Marketing Project Manager
"Roxanna has helped me so much! I've worked with a few other coaches to try to navigate myself better and the work has done so much more for me! Roxanna is an extraordinary coach and puts her heart and soul into each and every session with you and really helps you to see yourself from the inside out. The work we have done together isn't always easy, but I've gotten so much good from it. Any time you can get with Roxanna is time well spent that will resonate with you forever."
Tina Salibello, Property Manager, Leasing and Sale Director
"I was in a major transitional time in life and had really lost my way. I began seeing Roxanna for coaching to help me through a very difficult time. Roxy tailored every session to specifically suit me and what I needed. She put me on a track to find my way, build my inner strength, and see myself for who I truly am. She gave me very effective tools to use to get through my days.I will continue to see her and gain skills that will just further improve my quality of life. When you have a few sessions with her, all you will wish is that you'd started sooner! I would very highly recommend Roxy."
Grace T. , Student
"I honestly cannot say enough good things about Roxy. She has helped me so much. Roxy has been better than any regular therapist I’ve ever seen. She is empathetic and kind, and helped me work through a number of issues that were holding me back from reaching my personal goals. If you are considering working with her go for it! I promise you won’t regret it."
Ric Oslin, Oslin Consulting
"Roxanna has a remarkable gift.  She is gently curious, incredibly wise, and absolutely committed to the act of "helping.”  Simply put, the time I spent with Roxanna changed me in a profound and positive way."